Fornication was born from the Sabbat spirit in 1996. After our 6th demo,
our first album " Sectanik N." was out in september 2002 and was sold
out beginning 2003. Then, the line-up become stabilised. The theme of
perversion overcame our first [demo] releases with very explicit visuals -
therefore, the music contains a constant savagery.
The recent change in the line-up has brought more opened music
and another dimension. The first step is just crossed , perversion in
its general meaning will be explored in a different way in the future.
But let's make this all clear : Base animal instincts don't interest us.
Rather, we talk about everything that lies behind, the unexplored depths.

We appeared on several magazines yet ( Terrorizer, Metallian... )

We went on stage with bands such as Anorexia Nervosa, Belenos, Barbatos,
Temple of baal, Merrimack, Malleus Maleficarum, Soul Erosion, Nachthymnen ...


Sabbat - Killer Tongue
Laceration - Guitars
Sheratan - Shredding bass
Skoll - Drums & Piano